Yusuf Hakeem

Yusuf Hakeem was born May 22, 1964 in Savannah, Georgia. He discovered his creativity in nursery school. Mr. Hakeem won several art awards while in high school and was encouraged by John McMillan of Savannah College of Art and Design.

He now pursues a career as a full time artist and wishes to start a museum preserving Black history and art in American Society.

Artist Statement

My work is about life, beauty, my culture and how it is channeled through this gift for creating that God has blessed me with. Art explores these ideas through different mediums and I strive to grow and learn as an artist and as a man.

My Islamic beliefs are interwoven into my work but I still draw on influences from different cultures. My faith guides my hands to create art that has more to do with humanity than just the application of paint to canvas or pencil to paper.